A Companion to Saint Therese of Lisieux: Her Life and Work & The People and Places In Her Story

A companionIt took Joseph P. Kochiss some twenty years   of research before his book, A Companion to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: Her Life and Work & The People and Places In Her Story was published. The publisher, by the way, is Angelico Press.            

When asked about the reason for writing a book on the life of The Little Flower, Mr. Kochiss explains that, ever since he was a child, he and his twin brother, John, were interested in the life of Saint Thérèse; she was the "saint of the day" during the days they both attended catechism classes as tought by nuns.

A teacher, children's plays writer, music composer, violinist, portrait artist, etc. etc., Mr. Kochiss has the amazing gift of being succint and his grammar is impecable. His book is more like an encyclopedia on all things St. Thérèse: if there is anything that readers want to know about the life of the Saint chances are they will find it in one of the book's seven hundred pages or so.  One can easily understand why it has been said that Mr. Kochiss has brought the field of hagiography to a new level! Mr. Kochiss' book is a must-have by anyone interested on Saint Therese, Carmelite studies, the lives of the saints, the Lisieux monastery, the Martin family and much more; it should be part of every decent library.  When asked about plans for a Spanish edition of the book Angelico Press reponded that there are none at the moment but, they would be very interested in working with anyone that would like to do it.